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    Raw Works Art Show III

    one week from tonight. I’ll have some photos up, how many and which ones I’m not sure of yet, I’ll have to update this tumblr with more stuff once I’m ready for the show or just after. the first two were a good time, the other artists involved that I know are great people with interesting stuff, can’t wait to see what they’ve been up to in the last five months.

    Time: Saturday, February 25 ·  7:00pm -  11:00pm

    Location: Bullys Reheasal Studios, 67 6th street, New Westminster, BC

    Featuring artwork by:

    Dena Lazarenko
    Aaron Davidson
    Leanne Carmichael
    Gordie Scott
    John Sayer
    Jason Spencer
    Ryanne Easley
    Jordan Holms
    Mat Vass
    Mike Hannay
    Taylor Ferguson
    Severn Bowen
    Shane Hunt
    Chelsea Lawrick
    Andres SalaZ
    Francesca Andreis
    Sean Clarke

    Musical entertainment featuring

    Adam Grant & Tyler Maynard
    Evan Joel & Mat Vass
    Andrew Carey & Sean Clarke

    $5 at the door


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